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Between DA L.E.S, Bacardi House Party Sessions And AKA

Between DA L.E.S, Bacardi House Party Sessions And AKA.

“Boombastic” mastermind Da L.E.S., who recently took out time alongside other rappers and celebrities including bosom buddy AKA to watch the NBA Africa Game in Pretoria, has been announced to co-host the Bacardi House Party Sessions.

Bacardi House Party Sessions is a reality show that aims to discover tracks – you may say the musicians behind them – that will rule dancehalls and make the party bigger, with everyone grooving.

The Bacardi House Party Sessions will pit established stars alongside the upcoming one. About this, Da L.E.S said it would help him to impart his knowledge and skills to others.

Unlike previously, this session will not hold at Da L.E.S’s house in Johannesburg because of some prevailing legislation.

Da L.E.S, who hosts the annual All-White Party, explains why to TshisaLIVE: “We had to move it because of the legal issues around it. It was getting too big and we needed a bigger space. We are already planning for next years show. We are excited to try some new things and see how it grows.

Da L.E.S and AKA are a noted pair and their friendship dates back to when they were not even superstars. They have even had collaborations in the past, including for the track “Real Stuff,” which also featured Maggz.

However, there have been speculations on social media that both had fallen out over women, money, jealousy, and what say you.

But the “Fire” hitmaker, who is emceeie-ing Alessio’s birthday party on Friday, laughed this off, explaining that he and the “Fela in Versace” mastermind are still are chummy as can be, as reported by TshisaLIVE: “We are still really good! We went to a basketball game together. I think a lot of the speculation comes because we haven’t done music together but that is not true.

“We have been recording a couple of tracks together but we have been working on our own projects but we’ll drop it when it is the right time.We have both been in the industry long enough to worry about ourselves and not what people expect of our friendship.”

So, yes, Da L.E.S and AKA are still an item, and South Africa is about to discover tracks and musicians at the Bacardi House Party Sessions that will set the country grooving. We can’t wait to see this happen.