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Cassper Responds To Banang Complementing His Home

Cassper Responds To Banang Complementing His Home! Ever since Bonang and AKA broke up we have seen Bonang and Cassper send each other a number of complements showing each other support.

A lot of the SA Hip Hop fans saw this as a plot to rub their “friendship” in AKA’s face since AKA had a rather rough break-up with Bonang and is still beefing with Cassper. Cassper had a pool party at his house yesterday (Monday) hosted by Ciroc were he got to show off his house to an exclusive guestlist.

He then posted videos from the pool party on social media which had him trending in no time. Bonang saw a tweet from the rapper showing his house to which she responded complementing it for it’s beauty. “You have a lovely home… inspiring,” tweeted Bonang. “Thank you B. Ke matlogonolo a Modimo,” read Cassper’s response to Bonang.