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Chomee Reunites With Arthur Mafokate At 999 Music

Chomee Reunites With Arthur Mafokate At 999 Music. Check it out below.

Separation is one of life’s many turns. Everyone has had a separation at one point or the other. Separation from friends. Separation from family. Separation from associates, business partners – you name it.

It is a way of life, something that cannot be done away with. To try to stop separations is to try to stop life itself. “Amaplan” mastermind Chomee surely knows about what it is like to experience separation.

 The rapper, who has also dabbled in acting, starring in the soapie “Muvhango” as Chichi, has garnered a lot of experience following her separation from 999 Music, where Arthur Mafokate calls the shots.

She had released “Zozela Zalala,” which did not quite move the critics and earn positive reviews. She has certainly gained experience from her not-so-successful run without her former label. ZAlebs reported her as saying to Move Magazine: “Business requires a lot of time; it is not for the faint-hearted.

Maybe she doesn’t have that. Having acknowledged her inability to do it alone, she is heading back into the arms of 999 Music, which had given her career a boost previously. There she is sure to accomplish more, for as she said to Sunday Sun: “I am the Chomee today because of 999 Music. I feel there is still much we can accomplish with my new image and music.

Her fans would be looking forward to her next banger, of course. She who had given them “Do Mo Squats” album would surely have something grander.