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Diniwe Is A Little Too Demanding For Our Liking (Uzalo):

The long stretch of November has seen new faces on South Africa’s most viewed soapie, Uzalo. A large number of us sat tight in incredible expectation for Phindile Gwala to make her introduction on SABC1’s Uzalo. She depicts the character of Diniwe, who is by all accounts causing absolute ruin in the network of Kwa Mashu, particularly for her cousin MaNgcobo. It’s still early days to think about what her actual aims are, however she beyond any doubt is by all accounts rather requesting. What does she truly need? What is her genuine motivation?

Ever since Diniwe graced our television screens, she has proven to be quite provocative in her ways. For instance, on last night’s edition of the show, the eccentric Diniwe demanded that MaNgcobo cut her a 50% share of Club Genesis. Which part of the world does this character come from? Some people have to earn their living.

Diniwe also went about scouting for a place to stay when Sbu suggested that they try the newly monied Mam’ Madlala, to secure a spot at her home. We are glad that Mam’ Madlala denied her a spot because the relationship between the two wouldn’t have worked, especially since they both have rather explosive personalities.