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Donald Trump On Kanye West: “He’s Really A Great Guy”

Donald Trump On Kanye West: “He’s Really A Great Guy”

Today, Donald Trump and Kanye West will eat and purportedly talking about all way of political and social issues. In spite of the fact that the association has been named as a manly relationship two horsemen shy of the end times, others have moved toward the talk with a wary idealism. Which is all well and good, the same number of have blamed Trump for utilizing Kanye West to anchor cast a ballot from the dark network. In an ongoing discussion with Fox and Friends, Trump didn’t precisely skirt the theme, grasping Yeezy’s co-sign and all the going with reactions.

“At the point when Kanye turned out unequivocally various months back, something occurred,” wonders Trump. “My surveys went up twenty-five percent! No one’s at any point seen it. He has a major following in the African American people group, in a considerable measure of networks. The surveys experienced the rooftop. I can genuinely say I’ve never observed that.

The peculiar thing is, Trump sounds oddly bona fide, even energized, amidst his spouting. In spite of the fact that critics may blame the questionable president for utilizing Kanye West to anchor cast a ballot from a particular statistic, maybe there is bona fide warmth there. “He’s extremely an incredible person,” says Trump. “He’s not requesting anything for himself. He’s not saying ‘hello G I need to do either.’ He’s a private person and he needs to encourage individuals.” For the record, it’s hazy if Trump is utilizing road vernacular or the more healthy variation of “Gracious well!”

We’ve just observed mass reaction to their manly relationship, from VIPs to the regular person slice Jane. However one needs to ponder, if Kanye West truly does have Donald Trump’s ear, what way of progress may guarantee? Trump appears to vigorously propose that jail change will be rethought in the wake of their talk. At the point when asked whether Attorney General Jeff Sessions is obstructing potential change changes, Trump continues plays the manager card. “On the off chance that he doesn’t [want change], he gets overruled by me. I settle on the choice, he doesn’t.”

The Fox Pundits appear to respect Kanye’s enemy of Hollywood position, and ask whether they match will ever take to the battle field together. “I could see it,” says Trump. “I went to Indiana, we took Bobby Knight, and that was a major ordeal.” A mate drama for the ages.