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Expect ItsYangaChief’s #uTatakho This Friday: Although a large number of us have confronted challenges in 2018, it was likewise a without a doubt incredible year for music. Huge numbers of our most loved rappers imparted bits of themselves to us in their music and they keep on putting in a lot of work. One such craftsman is none other than the area virtuoso, Yanga Chief, who has been in venture mode for these previous couple of months. The rapper uncovered news of another undertaking in transit and in spite of the fact that we are as yet dubious of whether his beforehand titled Becoming A Pop Star is currently called uTatakho, or whether that is a solitary, fans would now be able to anticipate hearing it this coming Friday inviting in another month as we tally down days till the year finds some conclusion.

See all of you in a couple of days for the entry of Yanga Chief’s new advertising.