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Kwesta Answers Question On Collaborating With International Artists

Kwesta Answers Question On Collaborating With International Artists.

Kwesta is undeniably one of the most successful artists from the SA Hip Hop industry on an international scale.

The rapper has collaborated with international artists like Wale and performed in different countries outside South Africa. Kwesta was asked in an interview with GQ Magazine what drives him to do international collaborations.

“Africa to the world- that’s my phrase. When I meet these people for the first time, I need them to know that I am not going to use their sound because that would be robbing me of my upbringing and what I know, I am all about telling stories about where I am from,” said Kwesta.

The rapper went on to say that it is also because he is trying to have the international artists buy into the vision of taking the indigenous sounds of South Africa to the world.