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Nasty C & Duncan’s Reactions To Nastyy C’s Look Alike

Nasty C & Duncan’s Reactions To Nasty C’s Look Alike! Although everybody has a person they look like on the planet, finding them is not so easy.

Nasty C recently had his doppelganger brought to his attention on twitter who looks a lot like the rapper. The rapper’s look alike was nick-named Nasty B by the rappers fans who they said to be his older brother. Nasty tweeted it saying that he had heard the doppelganger actually had his own Ivyson tour.

He then went on to tweet that he could actually stand in for him at Home Affairs. The doppelgangers picture caught a lot of peoples attention with fans and rappers like Duncan tweeting about it. Duncan tweeted about the picture teasing the rapper saying that it was actually Nasty in the picture.