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The Dark Side Of Drake’s OVO Sound Label

The Dark Side Of Drake’s OVO Sound Label

Drake’s OVO record label has been seen by many over the years, as the most successful Sound empire in the world, but i guess many of you don’t even know that all empire have its on bad dark side.

Is the record label OVO Sound, or is it really “Drake Sound?” On the flip side of that argument, is it fair to get sucked into the conspiracy theory that artists on OVO are putting their personal careers secondary to that of their chief Drake?

Look, Drake is clearly the most successful mainstream rapper/singer out right now. He’s carving a solid spot so deep into the Billboard charts that some weeks it seems to consist of Drake and a small handful of others. But when it comes to OVO Sound, it often seems like there is only room for one superstar on the label…Drake. What exactly is going on with OVO, and why does a record label with the most popular performer in the world seem to be plagued by a history of issues.