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Album: Hillsong Worship – There is More

Listen and Download Album: Hillsong Worship – There is More (Zip Download).

Hillsong Worship – There is More. Returning with powerful songs and a life-changing message, Hillsong Worship proclaims that with God there is more. Featuring 11 all-new songs, There is More is a triumphant shout of striving for more in life, and more from God. It’s a that goes right back to the beginning of the Bible, in the book of Genesis, where one man had an encounter that changed everything.

Jacob, alone in the desert, wrestled with God and it changed him. It was an encounter that left him with a new name and a new purpose.

What changed Jacob wasn’t so much being defeated, but rather, being up close with the God who made everything, and not being overwhelmed by it all. Encounter, rather than combat, is what sparks meaningful change. This challenge to fierce encounter is the heart of Hillsong Worship’s new 2018 Album There is More.

Here is the Tracklist;

  1. Hillsong Worship -Touch Of Heaven DOWNLOAD MP3
  2. Hillsong Worship -The Passion DOWNLOAD MP3
  3. Hillsong Worship -Valentine DOWNLOAD MP3
  4. Hillsong Worship -New Wine DOWNLOAD MP3 
  5. Hillsong Worship -The Lord’s Prayer DOWNLOAD Mp3 
  6. Hillsong Worship -Remembrance DOWNLOAD MP3
  7. Hillsong Worship -Be Still DOWNLOAD MP3 
  8. Hillsong Worship -God So Loved DOWNLOAD MP3 
  9. Hillsong Worship -Lettered Love DOWNLOAD MP3 
  10. Hillsong Worship -You Are Life DOWNLOAD mp3 
  11. Hillsong Worship -Who You Say I Am DOWNLOAD mp3